Tuesday, November 04, 2008


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hardee's Goose Creek On Hwy 52 Review

Last night, neither of us wanted to go far for dinner. I wasn't feeling all that well and we just wanted a bite to eat. We headed to Hardee's just up the street.

We walked in and stood at the counter for awhile before we were greeted. The woman behind the counter was actually also doing the drive thru. We waited on her to help the drive thru window and she came to help us. As we stood there this whole time a manager was writing on what looked like a schedule or something and couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge our presence, much less help us.

I don't want to go into the whole thing. Suffice it say that this manager has no idea what customer service is, nor does she have any manners to speak of. The woman working the counter was nice and also efficient. Thank goodness. If the manager named Sherelle (I think) is the best they can do, they are in serious trouble! I did write and complain to the company. It was that bad. This is not the first time I have had issue with the managers at this place. Last time I complained it was a guy manager, but it was the same lack of any idea how to treat customers that offended me then. I can not stand rude behavior, especially fromt he person supposedly in charge! (stepping off my soap box)

The food however was excellent and hit the spot! :)

We both had the #1 Cheeseburger Combo with fries and coke. They tasted great and we enjoyed them very much. They were $4.99 each, the tax was $.70. The total came to $10.68 and was worth it. I am sure we will go there again, in spite of it all! :)

Carey Hilliard's North Charleston Review

Tonight we chose Carey Hilliard's, a sentimental favorite. This place has been around for years. Back when we were in highschool, this was actually a restaurant people went to for prom! :)

We forgot to get a copy of the receipt, but the total bill was $24.16 for the two of us.

I had hamburger steak covered with grilled onions, with baked potato. Mikey had fried shrimp with baked potato and hush puppies. His dish comes with cole slaw, but he chose to have extra hush puppies. The dinner was good and the service was excellent.

Great family restaurant, priced reasonably and good value for the money.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ryder Cup 2008

This morning we watched Faldo vs. Azinger The Captain's Challenge on ESPN. It was sponsored by Citibank and we loved it! This show pitted Faldo and Azinger in 3 different challenges : Fly Fishing, Poker and Golf! :)

I liked that it showed these two in less stressful circumstances. I think it gave you a better feel for these guys and their personalities. I really liked it a lot and so did Mike. They were pretty funny. I really like the commercial with these to that Citi has done. Well done.

The Ryder Cup has been pretty exciting this year too. I love the team competitions. They all get so fired up. It's good to see them pull together for once instead of all competing individually all the time. I have to say I LOVE BOO! :) And Poulter gets on my nerves!

We'll see how it all plays out. To start the day USA was ahead, but right now Europe is coming on strong!


Larry's Giant Subs Goose Creek Review

Last night Mikey and I went to Larry's Giant Subs in Goose Creek to get a bite, before heading over to Wal-Mart. We love this place and tonight was no exception.

I had a 8" Turkey & Cheese Sub Combo and Mikey had the 8" Kongs club combo. I had pepsi and my husband had lemonade.

Great sandwiches, the service is always friendly and quick.

8"Turkey Sub $5.19
Combo $1.89
Kongs Combo $5.99 (This was the special tonight)
Taxes $ .91
Total $13.98

Pies - On Pizza Goose Creek Lunch Review

Yesterday I had a busy day and stopped in to pick up a couple of slices at Pies-On-Pizza in Goose Creek. This place is right down the street from my office, so it is very convenient.

Hit or miss with customer service. Last time I was here the staff was unbelievably rude and slow. I decided to give them one more try. I'm glad that I did. From the moment I walked in the door, it was a different vibe. Frank Sinatra crooning through the speakers, greeted me upon arrival! :)

I ordered two slices of pepperoni to go. How hard could that be, eh? This time, it wasn't! :)
The lady behind the counter was very pleasant and efficient.

2 Slices Of Pepperoni $4.98
Tax $ .35
Total $5.33

Fair price and good food. If you don't like garlic, this may not be the place for you! I love it and the pizza seems to have quite a bit on it. I am sure I will be back!

Bessinger's Bar - B - Cue West Ashley Review

My handsome husband and I went to the Sunday Buffett at Bessinger's Bar - B - Cue. This is an old favorite. We have both been coming here for years and years. This place never disappoints.
I had some potato salad and a couple of cucumber slices with Ranch dressing. For my main meal, I had some fish stew (best in town), roast beef & gravy with carrots, mashed potatoes, a chicken wing and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Mikey had fish stew, catfish, roast beef & carrots, butter beans (awesome!), mashed potatoes, hash and rice, barbecue and cherry yum yum for dessert. We both had sweet tea to drink.

We got a pint of fish stew to take to my sister who is under the weather.

2 Buffets at 11.95 each = 23.90
Pint of Stew 3.75
Tax 2.63
Total 30.28

Service is always excellent. Love the atmosphere. If you have folks in from out of the country
bring them here. We have had folks from Brazil here on a couple of occasions and they just
loved the decorations and theme of the place.

Come prepared to eat! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Queen Anne's Revenge, Daniel Island Review

Forgot to write this one up! My handsome husband and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on September 16th! To celebrate we ate at Queen Anne's Revenge on Daniel Island. This was the first place we ate out as a couple almost 4 years ago.

This place has ambience to spare. The theme is the inside of a pirate ship. Not just any pirate ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge! She belonged to the infamous Blackbeard.

Since today is Talk Like A Pirate Day, this is an appropriate restaurant to review! Coming in the front door, to your right is a wonderful bar area. All throughout the restaurant you will find actual pirate history and artifacts. The tables along the wall are attatched to the ceiling with big chains and great pictures are on the wall by each booth.

We both had the prime rib special. If you are there between 4pm and 6pm, there is a small menu you can order from that is only $12.99! We were lucky enough to get in just under the wire. We both had the prime rib with baked potato and salad. Mike had a Yeungling and I had a strawberry daiquiri, both were cold and excellent.

Unfortunately I can't find the check, but the total was around $32.00. I do remember thinking it was incredibly reasonable. I love this place, the bread is delicious and the service is always stellar.

Los Arcos Goose Creek Review

Last night my husband and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, in Goose Creek. This place is the best kept secret in town. We had another great meal.

Mike had a chicken tostado and a side of rice, with sweet tea. I had 2 beef enchiladas and a coke.
The total bill was $12.41. You can't beat that with a stick!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smokey Bones Restaurant Review

My handsome husband and I eat out most every night. I am going to try to post reviews of some of the places we frequent. Tonight we went to Smokey Bones on Rivers Avenue.

We decided to eat at the bar and watch some of the Best Damn Sports Show sports bloopers. I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri and Mike had a Yuengling. My daiquiri was the worst one I have ever had. It was incredibly tart almost like it was mistakenly made with margarita mix. The bartender, Marcus, was quick to tell me that he had made it correctly. He said perhaps I had been given the wrong thing before from a new bartender! This made me laugh, as I have had many daiquiris in my life and made many in my life....this one was not good at all. I tried to drink it, but could not. He offered to make me another one, but if he makes them all the same, that would have done me no good. I just ordered a water. To his credit he took it off the bill!

Mike ordered the Beef Brisket Sandwich with mashed potatoes and a bowl of Brunswick Stew. I ordered the Salmon with Roasted Corn as my side. The stew was delicious. The Beef Brisket came out with cheese this time, it hasn't been on there in the past. According to the ticket, the bartender added this, it was not requested. No big deal, Mike just took it off. The meat had a good bit of fat on it, but tasted pretty good. The mashed potatoes were excellent. My salmon was perfect and the corn was good.

Our total bill was $32.06

Daiquiri (taken off the bill) $4.95
Yuengling Draft Pint $2.00 (2)
Beef Brisket Sandwich $8.99
Flame Seared Salmon $14.29
Soup Of The Day $1.99
Sales Tax $2.79

All in all this was a good meal. It was not even half as good as the previous meal we had here. I am sure we will give it another try and hope for that "new" bartender who served us before! :)

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Yesterday September 16, 2008 Handsome Husband Mike and I celebrated YEARS of marriage. Two to be exact. We had dinner at Queen Anne's Revenge. We love this restaurant and it holds sentimental value for us. This was the first place we ate as a "couple".

I can't believe we have been married for two whole years. Time just zooms by when you are having fun! :)

It's also been almost a full year since I blogged last. I will be updating regularly from here on out. I miss the daily writing.

Work is going well. Island Time Massage in Goose Creek is doing pretty well. It's still a chore to make some folks understand that we do Professional NON-SEXUAL Massage Therapy! :)
So far so good though. I haven't had any creepy people actually in my office. I can usually figure it out on the phone. That makes life easier all around.

So, Happy Anniversary to me and my guy and Hello Internet!