Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Thursday

It's been hard to get back in the habit of writing since my dad passed away. I used this medium to keep my sanity for quite a while. Things in my life are very happy now.

We have started going through things at my dad's house getting it ready to sell. It will take months because I am only doing an hour or 2 a day. I can't deal with much more than that. It is cathartic in a lot of ways.

It's very exciting starting a new life! I can't believe that I have fallen in love with such a wonderful man. Every day he shows me how much he loves me and how good life can be. I've never felt so cherished in my life. It's an incredible feeling of acceptance. I feel like I can accomplish anything!

We took our engagement photos in Mt. Pleasant at Alhambra Hall. They turned out really nice. Great shots of the lowcountry marsh. There was a storm coming up and the clouds in the background were quite spectacular at sunset. I will try to post some soon. Gotta go study, more later