Thursday, November 29, 2007

Packers Vs. Cowboys! OORAH!

I love football. I will make no apologies for being a girl and loving this game of modern gladiators. Tonight my handsome Mike and I are watching a game we have been anticipating all week. Brett Favre against Tony Romo. The game started out pretty shakey on Greenbay's part. Then Brett hit his elbow on the helmet of the man who sacked him! (Yes, Mr. Favre and I are on a first name basis!;>) Being a massage therapist who has worked with professional athletes off and on for 15 years, sometimes it's hard for me to watch an injury. I want to help. It makes me nuts! :) Just when folks were ready to count the Packers down and out, Mr. Rogers comes in Brett't place and starts to kick some booty! :) I am so happy for the guy and for the team. The team is starting to get pumped up behind this young guy. LOVING IT!
Even if they don't win, the game has been a joy to watch.
One other thing about the game. Terrell Owens, TO, is playing so well this year. I could not be happier for him. I am so glad he decided to get his head out of his a@@ and play the game he is played to pay. He is talented, no doubt. It's nice to see him having fun again and letting his play do most of his talking. Loving it!
Gotta go watch the boys play!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Clemson vs. Carolina

Watched the end of the Carolina/Clemson game. Good football. I was kind of pulling for Carolina, they scored to go ahead 21 - 20. Then Clemson got the ball to the center of the field and with time outs and 3 seconds left kicked a field goal to win the game!

I know my friend Woody was excited! That had to be so much fun to watch in person.
Crazy sister Sandy and I went to see the Stingrays play the Texas Wildcatters tonight. They lost 2 - 1. It was a pretty good game, I thought. They played a very intense third period, but ya gotta play a full sixty minutes to win. They have lost the last few games, but the last two I have seen were good games from a fan perspective. I know it wears on the team though. They get in the habit of losing and that's not a good thing for such a young team.

They leave Sunday night at 10pm for a week long road trip. They will play Mississippi and Pensacola. A really strong showing on the road is just what these guys need. Having some time out of town with each other is always good too.

Handsom husband Mike is not feeling too well, he stayed home tonight. We both feel like we are coming down with something. Sinus, cold not sure, but his throat is sore and he is fevery. I am headachy and fevery too. Ah well, with this crazy weather, this isn't too surprising. We have a couple days in the high 70's then it gets cold, then warm, then cold! :)

I LOVE CHARLESTON! I love that I can wear shorts on Thanksgiving! :)
Enough ramblings....Happy Happy Joy JOY!
Blessings and prayers for PEACE.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Feast

Our Thanksgiving Day Feast turned out beautifully! I cooked my very first turkey and it was so much fun! I used one of those baking bags, this made the meat so moist and yummy. My crazy sister and my handsome husband and I enjoyed a day full of blessings.
Thankful, I AM.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Here Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkeeeeeeeeeee

Somehow, I have lost my mind. I have decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house! I am 43 years old and have never cooked a turkey. This shouldn't be too hard......right?

Mike and I moved into our new house in March and I just feel like I want to begin our life in our new house with our own holiday traditions. Both sets of parents have passed away, so it's just us and my sister. I just got back from Wal Mart. I bought a roasting pan and other random things most people already have in their pantry. Meat thermometer, baster, etc.

My friend Diane is on speed dial all day Thursday in case I get into trouble! :) She is the queen of the kitchen!

Island Time Massage is going pretty well. I am rebuilding my clientele slowly but surely!
I have some great packages going for the holidays and people seem to be buying them for gifts.
So far the most popular is 4 hour long massages for $140! That is a great deal.
Loving the new office and doing the body work again.

Blessings all around! PEACE

Friday, November 16, 2007

Unable To Walk Around On My Own

Apparently, I should never be allowed to walk around on my own. I had a client this morning at 10am. He is always early, so I decided to get to the office around 9 and do some paperwork. I pulled into a parking place right in front of the mail boxes. I got out of my car and walked around the front. I stepped up onto the curb with my left foot. I thought I was well up on the sidewalk. When I started forward on my right fell into the abyss! :)
I fell hard onto my right knee, scraping up both hands and skinning the knee in the process. Very nice. Lucky broken bones and my hands are in pretty good shape, sort of a sprained thumb, but okay. I lay there for a moment thinking of how ridiculous it is that at 43, I still fall down like a 5 year old and skin my knee! :)
The massage session went well, we are getting some really good change for this person. He has been coming in weekly. He can really tell a big difference.
Gotta go put some ice on my thumb.....have a great Friday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hello out there in computer land! :) I have finally gotten back to what I do best....massage!

I have opened a new office in Goose Creek, right behind the post office.

Island Time Massage is my new baby. Life is good.

If you are looking for a great massage therapist...I am your girl. lists the phone number and location. We accept Master Card and Visa, cash and personal checks. Professional non-sexual massage therapy for the whole family.
Gift Certificates available. Give the gift of relaxation!
More later...I will be blogging again daily! Happy Wednesday!