Thursday, November 09, 2006

We Leave For Hawaii TOMORROW 6am!

WOO HOO! I will try to right a bit tonight; I am off to run errands and lose my mind! Wish me luck! Anyone with any travel or Oahu advice please feel free to email me or comment here with it! I am soooooo excited. Eh and I am getting a cold or sinus thing....gotta stop at doc in a box. Later, L

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dining With Friends

I am having a hard time shaking a sinus thing I picked up last week. I am sick of blowing my nose! We get on a plane for Honolulu on Friday, I need to get this thing over with! Yesterday, I pretty much stayed around the house, didn't feel worth a dang. This morning when I woke up I thought for sure I would be headed to the doctor's office, but as the day went on I felt better. UGH!
Today, I met my friend at Sam's to buy a 12 foot Christmas tree! Just so you know, the darn thing is in a HUGE box. We had to take it out of the box to get it to fit in her car. It was like a Laurel & Hardy scene in the parking lot, but we got it to fit finally.
Tonight Mike and I went to dinner with J & R at Carrabba's, not sure of that spelling, but you get the idea. YUMMY. Mike and I had the Sirloin Marsala with Spaghetti and salad. It was ono. (Hawaiian for delicious) Our friends got the Mahi special and something called Chicken Bryan...this is chicken covered with looked so good! Good food, good service and good company.
Good night!

Monday, November 06, 2006

What A Weekend!

The mush anticipated garage sale went pretty well. Didn't realize that the huge Whale of a Sale was going on at the same time....duh. Anyhow, we sold the big items we really wanted to get rid of, so that was great. We made some $ on stuff we would have otherwise given away or thrown out. We also made a big donation to GoodWill, so everbody was a winner! That is except this incredible woman who came by early in the sale....

She pulled up in her car around the beginning of the sale, around 8am or so. I said "Good morning. How are you this morning?" She responded, "Oh, I am blessed, I am blessed." I said, "Yes ma'am we are all blessed to be alive on such a beautiful sunny morning." She looked some things over, wanted to know what we would take for the computer desk (really large with credenza) that we had marked $25. I told her I was pretty firm on that price, this early in the day. She said, "Well, it is a good price, whoever gets it will surely be blessed, I just can't afford it right now." She walked to the washing machine that was marked $35 and asked if it worked, etc. We said yes that it had been in storage, but when it was last hooked up it worked. She asked if we would hold it for her, she had to go pay a bill and would be right back, she lived around the corner. I said we would need her to pay for it or leave a deposit, then we would be glad to hold it. She said she had to go pay a bill first, she didn't have the money on her and she pulled out $2 asking if we would accept that as a good faith deposit. We finally agreed. She then said, "I have to go pay my bill, cause I don't have any lights, my lights got turned off. I will be back after I pay my bill to pick it up." She left, the sale went on with more people coming and saying they really liked so and so and would be back, my sweet husband believed them all. He is adorable and sweet and it's why I love him, and he is very trusting of people. Some of these folks actually did come back. Without a deposit or payment, we didn't hold stuff for folks. Its just too complicated. So the day went on, we sold the computer desk for $25 and my sweet husband even delivered it for the really nice woman who bought it. She sent her nephew to pick it up in a car and Mike has a truck, so he just followed the young man to her house. We were about to pack it in for the day, around 2:30 or so we were discussing what we were going to do with this VERY HEAVY washing machine. We tried to give it to one of the young men who was working on the house next door. His English was not very good and neither was our Spanish, but he finally told us he had nowhere to actually put it! A little while later a young woman came up with two children, she bought some boots and asked how much we would take for the washing machine, she offered $20 and we took it. She paid me and asked if we could hold it until she brought someone to pick it up. We said sure. Then as she left she asked the guys next door working on the house if they would put it in her truck for her(she spoke Spanish, oh yeah and she was very pretty!) they said yes. So off she went with her purchases. We started packing it in and were almost done around 3:30 or so and the "blessed" lady pulls up. Mike goes to talk to her and I go to get her $2.00 to give back to her. She is really a piece of work! Mike explains that we sold the washing machine and she didn't come back like she said she was going to. I reiterated that when I brought her her money. She didn't say anything more to me, but Mike is so nice and she kept on and on with him about how this was a lesson for us all. She told him she felt "VIOLATED". I can't explain how angry her choice of words makes me...... I am so glad I didn't hear that particular exchange, it makes me angry even now. I want so much to say to her...
You were VIOLATED because we sold the washing machine? VIOLATED? Are you kidding me? What a poor choice of words. Women are violated in great numbers everyday all over the world and I assure you ma'am in this instance you were NOT violated! How dare you?!?!
I need to go take a valium and calm down. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gearing Up For Yard Sale This Weekend

Today, I got a lot of things packed up ready to be moved to the storage shed. Now, I am focusing on the yard sale we are having this weekend. I am currently pricing things and trying to get organized a bit. We are holding it at my sister's house, hoping for more through traffic. It's hard to price things high enough so that people can bargain and low enough so that they are interested in the deal. I have sooooooo many books to sell, I could almost set up a bookstore with what I have on hand. The sad thing is I have just as many I am not selling! :) Whatever, it's an addiction....I do actually read them all! I am also getting rid of a lot of clothes. I found clothes that I have had for over 20 years! Unreal. Anyhow, this whole yard sale thing seems to be a lot of work! I hope we sell at least some of this crap!
In other news, I found out yesterday that my brother is having to have a diffibrulator/pacemaker put in. He will not be coming here for Thanksgiving week now. I hope it all works out for him. I am however kind of glad that they won't be here at that time. Their plan was to be here when Mike and I got back from Hawaii....that would be a great homecoming. Hello, welcome home let's go in the attic and clear it out.....jetlag, HELLO! Between the jetlag and my most recent irritation with my sister in law, I think it is safer for everyone involved that they won't be here. That being said, I do hope his surgery goes okay. It was pretty easy for my dad, so he should do fine. I think it is really shocking to him that he is having to have the surgery. That has to be a very scarey thing. It scares me. Ah well, just more reason to live life to the fullest EVERY DAY. Blessings.

A Place For My Stuff!

On my way to my dad's house to continue packing up all my stuff. I have too much stuff! :) We are trying to sell our house (Mike's in Goose Creek) and at the same time get my dad's house ready to be sold around the first of the year. If you know anyone looking for a nice, completely ready to move into, starter house in Goose Creek email me for the details. My email is acharlestongirl at gmail dot com. You never know how much stuff you have accumulated until you try to pack it all up! We are going to have the first of probably a couple of yard sales this weekend. Wish me luck! More later.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Living Out Loud

Whew, it has been a couple of months since my last post. I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger!

September 16, my sweet handsome man and I were married at the home of my dear friends Myron and Charles. They live in a lovely house in Wagner Terrace on the river. We were able to be married by the marsh. It was incredible.

In the weeks preceding the ceremony, I had my wedding photos taken by my buddy Vin Duffy (he does an incredible job if anyone is looking for a photographer!!!). On the way to his house I was so overcome with how much I missed having my mother with me during this time. She passed away from lung cancer January 2000. She would have been so much fun! I cried my eyes out, I mean really bawled so hard I couldn't catch my breath. I called my friend in Newport, Deb, and she calmed me down. Actually, just hearing her voice calmed me right down. Funny how we do that for each other, eh? Anyhow, the pictures turned out great, mostly due to the photographer not the model! :)

My friends are so supportive of me. I have never felt so loved and supported as I did during this time in my life. I guess I never thought I would feel that after the death of my parents. I don't really have the words for how safe and cared for they made me feel.

The day was perfect. The time since then has been full of change and hectic activity, but the more I learn about my new husband, the more I love him.

A year ago, we were celebrating our Fakeaversarry on Halloween at the Terrace and we dressed as Mr. Clean and a French Maid. We stayed at the Francis Marion and had a VIP table at the party. I had toooo much champagne, but it was so much fun. This year we celebrated by going to the Fair. With so much happening right now, we decided to be more lowkey this year. Had a great time people watching. We both enjoy that a lot. And we have fun just being together.

We leave November 10 for Oahu, Hawaii! We are staying at the same place I stayed last year, The Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach. CAN NOT WAIT!
We will be gone 9 days for our honeymoon. Woo Hoo!

I think my parents are proud and happy that I am so happy.
I think Mike's parents are proud and happy that he is so happy.