Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Time Is More Important Than Your Time

******RANT ALERT*****************************************

Few things are more annoying to me than people who are late for appointments. It shows such disrespect! If you are going to be late or unable to show up at the agreed upon time, CALL at the very least!
We moved in to a new Beazer home in March and this was supposed to be our 45 day walk through. Later I will list the things we had them take a look at. The guy who came out, named Tim, did a good job, I think. After being 30 minutes late! :( Anyhoo, they will be here to fix it all on the 12th, not too bad.
We are getting new furniture tomorrow...today...whateva! SOOOO excited!

We finally found what we wanted. A leather sofa and loveseat. We are also getting this really cool wingback chair that reclines. It is red with yellow dots. Sounds weird, looks good.

Gotta go to bed....more later!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday In The Suburbs

Ah Saturday in the Suburbs. Mike and I slept in this morning, it felt great. Then we called Lady Di to see how she was feeling at work this morning. She was fine and still laughing over some of the things that we saw last night!
We went to lunch at Breck's on Rivers Avenue. They have a steak special, ribeye, 2 vegetables, and salad for about $6.99. Not a bad deal at all. We had lunch with my crazy sister Sandra and her friend Robin. Mike and I then went to Lowe's and spent $200 on all kinds of fun stuff.
We bought grass seeds to fill in the places in our new yard that haven't taken hold, a step ladder for me, fertilizer for my sister's yard, a sprinkler for my sister, a chainsaw and oil for it. I think that was it! This new house sure is costing a lot of money! LOL We looked at ceiling fans and lights and storage shelves and blinds and on and on and on.....we were lucky to get out of there when we did! :)
Mike worked in San's yard and I worked in our house. Another exciting day in the life! :)
Happy Saturday!

Last Night At The Wolftrack Inn

My husband and I had dinner with a dear friend Lady Di last night. She cooked for us at her house. Great house with cool furnishings. The meal was very enjoyable. I love to eat with candle light and cloth napkins. We had roast chicken, potatoes and scallions, baby carrots and a nice salad.
After dinner we headed out for some live music! We went to see our friends All Purpose Remedy at the Wolftrack Inn on Hwy. 61. They didn't have much of a crowd at all. Sad really. But the band rocked. Johnny Cathcart is hard to beat on the guitar! The band harmonized really well and played a wide variety of music. The sound was really good and we had a great time. Mike and I danced and so did Di. Fun!
Pet peeve....random drunk people who want you to dance with them and won't leave you alone.
Pet PEEVE #2 Random drunk people that want to hug you. UGH
We danced and drank and had fun. Well I didn't really drink. I was the designated driver, but a good time was had by all. The only thing is how far that is from our house. I like where we live, but I don't like the drive home. That is the price you pay I guess

Friday, May 25, 2007

Five Way Friday

Five Ways To Have Fun This Weekend!

1. Live Music - Especially Bluesy Rock locally Johnny Mac, regionally Tinsley Ellis, nationally Kenney Wayne Shepherd for a start. For those rock n roll covers that make for an enjoyable evening catch All Purpose Remedy with ex-RUI guitar slinger Johnny Cathcart, still putting it out there. TONIGHT IN CHARLESTON: Wolftrack Inn: All Purpose Remedey
The Sand Dollar: Johnny Mac & Booty Ranch Go support live music in Chas!

2. Good Food - Boiled Shrimp, A Good Steak Cooked On The Grill By My Handsome Husband, Anything we fix at home and enjoy together at the table.

3. Beautiful Beach- Pick one. Get there early! Bring a good book and plenty of sunblock.

4. Bicycle At One Of The Plantations - Magnolia or Middleton and rent a bike or bring your own. Beautiful trails to explore! Bring a picnic!

5. Dance, Dance, Dance - Put on some of your favorite music and DANCE! Around the house, in front of the mirror! Get that hairbrush out and SING BABY!

Happy Friday! PEACE

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell & The View

I have so enjoyed The View since the arrival of Rosie as the moderator. She stirs things up. I love that she has brought her own "view" of the world to the table. I think having her there has given Joy Behar new energy and more willingness to speak her mind. I also think it allowed Barbara a chance to participate in some debates of real value to the American people while still being able to remain the journalist (unbiased) that she strives to be.

Listening to these spirited debates has been so refreshing for daytime television. Seeing these women debate intelligently about today's most difficult issues was inspiring. There is one problem with this picture. Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She is cute as a button and seems very sweet. At first blush, she seems to be a conservative, Christian mother who is young and naive, but willing to look at other points of view. Then she started getting some attention from FOX news. They built up her ego and seemed to really care about her opinion. They were in fact just using her to get to Rosie. They could care less about her, but she is too dumb to see it. The more attention she has garnered, the more coaching she has needed from the executive producers to try to help her grasp the complexities and histories of the issues at hand. This week on the view she has come across as mean-spirited and uneducated in my opinion. It's a shame really.
It seems that she sees the writing on the wall. This is her last chance at any chance of "fame". When Rosie is off that show, those folks in the media who are presently courting EH will not even remember her name! What made me feel this was all pretty accurate? The recent interviews/sound bites she has given to ET, etc. ! Give me a break already.
I will certainly miss Rosie on the View. My view is that she will not be out of sight for long. She has put her money where her mouth is, perhaps more than anyone. She isn't afraid to ruffle feathers. She inspires me. I wish her fair winds and following seas, whatever she decides to do.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Mike and I are planning a trip to Vegas in July! I have never been out there. We are using frequent flyer miles to get there and we got an unbelievable deal on the room. Of course we are going in July! Who in the devil goes to the desert on purpose in the heat of the summer...yep, I guess crazy people like us! If anyone has any advice for me, please don't hesitate to let me know! We are staying at Harrah's. I can hardly wait!
Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas!

Dad's House FINALLY Ready To Sell

Looks like we are finally getting Dad's house on the market tomorrow. Holy crap there is a lot of stuff to do to get a house ready to sell! :)
Anyone want to buy a house in Wando Woods for $169,000? 3BR, 3Bath, BRICK house built around 1965ish? If so, leave me a message and I will give you more specifics! If yall know of anyone who wants to buy a house, please pass the word!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

She's baaaaaaack! Okay folks, after a few months of being "too busy" to write the blog, I am back at it. I was at work downtown today filling in at Bulldog Tours when I got a call from Dan Conover asking for the most common questions that tourists ask. I went blank and then remembered a few that never cease.

1. Walking in to the shop clearly labeled with various signage saying BULLDOG TOURS "Uh, so yall do tours here?" No sir, this is a florist shop. YES WE DO TOURS HERE!

2. "Can you tell me how to get to the old church?" Um, WHICH old Church? St. Phillips 1838, St. Michael's Cornerstone 1752 Bldg 1761, French Hugenot Church 1845, Cathedral Of St. Luke & St. Paul 1815, First Scots 1814, just to name a few!

3. "Where will I find the historic houses?" Walk out of my door onto market st. then walk North, South, Or West and within 1-2 blocks you will find some. Could you be a little more specific please! :)

4. "Do people really live in these houses?" No, they are just false fronts, like a movie set or Disney.

5. "What happens if we are on our walking tour and it rains?" Do I really need to answer this one? YOU GET WET!

6. "Regarding the ghost tours or haunted jail tour. Will my children be scared?" I really have no idea, I have never met your children. Will they?

7. "So this is the slave market, right?" Nope, slaves were NEVER sold in the city market between East Bay and Meeting. They were however sold almost everywhere else in the city!

8. "Regarding the carriages. Do you give your animals water?" No, we like for them to dehydrate and die in street. It's in our best interest financially to have to continually spend $1,000's of dollars on purchasing and training new animals. And the press we get from the animals dropping like flies all over town, well you just can't buy that kind of good will! OF COURSE WE MAKE SURE OUR ANIMALS ARE WATERED AND FED AND CARED FOR!

9. "So are these tours any good?" NO, they suck, why would anyone want to take one of our tours? YES, they are good. That's why we stay in business and my boss takes care of his family so well!

10. As he is handing me $100 for his family to go on tour "When are you Southerners ever going to just get over it and admit that we won the Civil War?" Yes sir, you won alright. Now, wait a minute. Let me see if I get this straight. YOU are visiting MY city and PAYING ME, yep you win! :)

Who is your best guide? What is the best tour? Where is the best food? Where is there a bathroom I can use? Where is the taxi stand?
That is just a few, there are many others.
Understand that I write this with love for these people and their um, unique questions. They do, after all pay the bills for some of the people I love the most!

Happy Hump Day!