Monday, September 22, 2008

Hardee's Goose Creek On Hwy 52 Review

Last night, neither of us wanted to go far for dinner. I wasn't feeling all that well and we just wanted a bite to eat. We headed to Hardee's just up the street.

We walked in and stood at the counter for awhile before we were greeted. The woman behind the counter was actually also doing the drive thru. We waited on her to help the drive thru window and she came to help us. As we stood there this whole time a manager was writing on what looked like a schedule or something and couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge our presence, much less help us.

I don't want to go into the whole thing. Suffice it say that this manager has no idea what customer service is, nor does she have any manners to speak of. The woman working the counter was nice and also efficient. Thank goodness. If the manager named Sherelle (I think) is the best they can do, they are in serious trouble! I did write and complain to the company. It was that bad. This is not the first time I have had issue with the managers at this place. Last time I complained it was a guy manager, but it was the same lack of any idea how to treat customers that offended me then. I can not stand rude behavior, especially fromt he person supposedly in charge! (stepping off my soap box)

The food however was excellent and hit the spot! :)

We both had the #1 Cheeseburger Combo with fries and coke. They tasted great and we enjoyed them very much. They were $4.99 each, the tax was $.70. The total came to $10.68 and was worth it. I am sure we will go there again, in spite of it all! :)

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