Friday, September 19, 2008

Queen Anne's Revenge, Daniel Island Review

Forgot to write this one up! My handsome husband and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on September 16th! To celebrate we ate at Queen Anne's Revenge on Daniel Island. This was the first place we ate out as a couple almost 4 years ago.

This place has ambience to spare. The theme is the inside of a pirate ship. Not just any pirate ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge! She belonged to the infamous Blackbeard.

Since today is Talk Like A Pirate Day, this is an appropriate restaurant to review! Coming in the front door, to your right is a wonderful bar area. All throughout the restaurant you will find actual pirate history and artifacts. The tables along the wall are attatched to the ceiling with big chains and great pictures are on the wall by each booth.

We both had the prime rib special. If you are there between 4pm and 6pm, there is a small menu you can order from that is only $12.99! We were lucky enough to get in just under the wire. We both had the prime rib with baked potato and salad. Mike had a Yeungling and I had a strawberry daiquiri, both were cold and excellent.

Unfortunately I can't find the check, but the total was around $32.00. I do remember thinking it was incredibly reasonable. I love this place, the bread is delicious and the service is always stellar.

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