Thursday, January 26, 2006

216 Pounds, Is This Enough?

Yep, I actually weigh 216 pounds. Much like Kirstie Alley, I am somewhat astounded by this. I mean that I am astounded by how much I weigh....Kirstie Alley doesn't care so much about MY weight.

I blame my male friends. Yep, those sweet bastards! LOL I know this sounds weird, but even at 216 I still get a lot of positive male attention. Not just from friends, but men in general. I am in a very happy relationship right now. I am a confident, intelligent, if somewhat goofy woman. I'm just saying, maybe I would have noticed how much weight I had gained if I had gotten less attention. That hasn't happened at all. WHATEVER!

The bottom line is I am FAT. I need to lose some weight for my health and emotional well-being. I am starting today.

For supper tonight I had grilled shrimp, green beans, baked potato and a salad with ice water.
It's a start. I also did some Pilates this afternoon. Ya have to start somewhere. SO I am starting here and now.

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