Monday, November 19, 2007

Here Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkeeeeeeeeeee

Somehow, I have lost my mind. I have decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house! I am 43 years old and have never cooked a turkey. This shouldn't be too hard......right?

Mike and I moved into our new house in March and I just feel like I want to begin our life in our new house with our own holiday traditions. Both sets of parents have passed away, so it's just us and my sister. I just got back from Wal Mart. I bought a roasting pan and other random things most people already have in their pantry. Meat thermometer, baster, etc.

My friend Diane is on speed dial all day Thursday in case I get into trouble! :) She is the queen of the kitchen!

Island Time Massage is going pretty well. I am rebuilding my clientele slowly but surely!
I have some great packages going for the holidays and people seem to be buying them for gifts.
So far the most popular is 4 hour long massages for $140! That is a great deal.
Loving the new office and doing the body work again.

Blessings all around! PEACE

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Heather said...

Just think of the turkey as a giant chicken and you're going to be just fine. If not you can share your story on my site for a chance at a $45 GC to Outback. ;)