Thursday, November 29, 2007

Packers Vs. Cowboys! OORAH!

I love football. I will make no apologies for being a girl and loving this game of modern gladiators. Tonight my handsome Mike and I are watching a game we have been anticipating all week. Brett Favre against Tony Romo. The game started out pretty shakey on Greenbay's part. Then Brett hit his elbow on the helmet of the man who sacked him! (Yes, Mr. Favre and I are on a first name basis!;>) Being a massage therapist who has worked with professional athletes off and on for 15 years, sometimes it's hard for me to watch an injury. I want to help. It makes me nuts! :) Just when folks were ready to count the Packers down and out, Mr. Rogers comes in Brett't place and starts to kick some booty! :) I am so happy for the guy and for the team. The team is starting to get pumped up behind this young guy. LOVING IT!
Even if they don't win, the game has been a joy to watch.
One other thing about the game. Terrell Owens, TO, is playing so well this year. I could not be happier for him. I am so glad he decided to get his head out of his a@@ and play the game he is played to pay. He is talented, no doubt. It's nice to see him having fun again and letting his play do most of his talking. Loving it!
Gotta go watch the boys play!

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