Friday, November 16, 2007

Unable To Walk Around On My Own

Apparently, I should never be allowed to walk around on my own. I had a client this morning at 10am. He is always early, so I decided to get to the office around 9 and do some paperwork. I pulled into a parking place right in front of the mail boxes. I got out of my car and walked around the front. I stepped up onto the curb with my left foot. I thought I was well up on the sidewalk. When I started forward on my right fell into the abyss! :)
I fell hard onto my right knee, scraping up both hands and skinning the knee in the process. Very nice. Lucky broken bones and my hands are in pretty good shape, sort of a sprained thumb, but okay. I lay there for a moment thinking of how ridiculous it is that at 43, I still fall down like a 5 year old and skin my knee! :)
The massage session went well, we are getting some really good change for this person. He has been coming in weekly. He can really tell a big difference.
Gotta go put some ice on my thumb.....have a great Friday!

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