Saturday, November 24, 2007

Clemson vs. Carolina

Watched the end of the Carolina/Clemson game. Good football. I was kind of pulling for Carolina, they scored to go ahead 21 - 20. Then Clemson got the ball to the center of the field and with time outs and 3 seconds left kicked a field goal to win the game!

I know my friend Woody was excited! That had to be so much fun to watch in person.
Crazy sister Sandy and I went to see the Stingrays play the Texas Wildcatters tonight. They lost 2 - 1. It was a pretty good game, I thought. They played a very intense third period, but ya gotta play a full sixty minutes to win. They have lost the last few games, but the last two I have seen were good games from a fan perspective. I know it wears on the team though. They get in the habit of losing and that's not a good thing for such a young team.

They leave Sunday night at 10pm for a week long road trip. They will play Mississippi and Pensacola. A really strong showing on the road is just what these guys need. Having some time out of town with each other is always good too.

Handsom husband Mike is not feeling too well, he stayed home tonight. We both feel like we are coming down with something. Sinus, cold not sure, but his throat is sore and he is fevery. I am headachy and fevery too. Ah well, with this crazy weather, this isn't too surprising. We have a couple days in the high 70's then it gets cold, then warm, then cold! :)

I LOVE CHARLESTON! I love that I can wear shorts on Thanksgiving! :)
Enough ramblings....Happy Happy Joy JOY!
Blessings and prayers for PEACE.

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dixiebelle said...

It was an exciting game, for sure and always fun when Clemson wins. Great blog.