Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday In The Suburbs

Ah Saturday in the Suburbs. Mike and I slept in this morning, it felt great. Then we called Lady Di to see how she was feeling at work this morning. She was fine and still laughing over some of the things that we saw last night!
We went to lunch at Breck's on Rivers Avenue. They have a steak special, ribeye, 2 vegetables, and salad for about $6.99. Not a bad deal at all. We had lunch with my crazy sister Sandra and her friend Robin. Mike and I then went to Lowe's and spent $200 on all kinds of fun stuff.
We bought grass seeds to fill in the places in our new yard that haven't taken hold, a step ladder for me, fertilizer for my sister's yard, a sprinkler for my sister, a chainsaw and oil for it. I think that was it! This new house sure is costing a lot of money! LOL We looked at ceiling fans and lights and storage shelves and blinds and on and on and on.....we were lucky to get out of there when we did! :)
Mike worked in San's yard and I worked in our house. Another exciting day in the life! :)
Happy Saturday!

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