Friday, May 25, 2007

Five Way Friday

Five Ways To Have Fun This Weekend!

1. Live Music - Especially Bluesy Rock locally Johnny Mac, regionally Tinsley Ellis, nationally Kenney Wayne Shepherd for a start. For those rock n roll covers that make for an enjoyable evening catch All Purpose Remedy with ex-RUI guitar slinger Johnny Cathcart, still putting it out there. TONIGHT IN CHARLESTON: Wolftrack Inn: All Purpose Remedey
The Sand Dollar: Johnny Mac & Booty Ranch Go support live music in Chas!

2. Good Food - Boiled Shrimp, A Good Steak Cooked On The Grill By My Handsome Husband, Anything we fix at home and enjoy together at the table.

3. Beautiful Beach- Pick one. Get there early! Bring a good book and plenty of sunblock.

4. Bicycle At One Of The Plantations - Magnolia or Middleton and rent a bike or bring your own. Beautiful trails to explore! Bring a picnic!

5. Dance, Dance, Dance - Put on some of your favorite music and DANCE! Around the house, in front of the mirror! Get that hairbrush out and SING BABY!

Happy Friday! PEACE

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