Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell & The View

I have so enjoyed The View since the arrival of Rosie as the moderator. She stirs things up. I love that she has brought her own "view" of the world to the table. I think having her there has given Joy Behar new energy and more willingness to speak her mind. I also think it allowed Barbara a chance to participate in some debates of real value to the American people while still being able to remain the journalist (unbiased) that she strives to be.

Listening to these spirited debates has been so refreshing for daytime television. Seeing these women debate intelligently about today's most difficult issues was inspiring. There is one problem with this picture. Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She is cute as a button and seems very sweet. At first blush, she seems to be a conservative, Christian mother who is young and naive, but willing to look at other points of view. Then she started getting some attention from FOX news. They built up her ego and seemed to really care about her opinion. They were in fact just using her to get to Rosie. They could care less about her, but she is too dumb to see it. The more attention she has garnered, the more coaching she has needed from the executive producers to try to help her grasp the complexities and histories of the issues at hand. This week on the view she has come across as mean-spirited and uneducated in my opinion. It's a shame really.
It seems that she sees the writing on the wall. This is her last chance at any chance of "fame". When Rosie is off that show, those folks in the media who are presently courting EH will not even remember her name! What made me feel this was all pretty accurate? The recent interviews/sound bites she has given to ET, etc. ! Give me a break already.
I will certainly miss Rosie on the View. My view is that she will not be out of sight for long. She has put her money where her mouth is, perhaps more than anyone. She isn't afraid to ruffle feathers. She inspires me. I wish her fair winds and following seas, whatever she decides to do.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree - I think Rosie's "View" is the view of such a small minority of America - especially the demographic that are home and able to watch "The View" - the show can only be better once she is off the air. Unfortunately, I agree that she probably will be able to express her extremely narrow minded views elsewhere. I do think, however, that she won't have much success. You would think that after so many talk show failures that she would give up and realize that she is only being tolerated - just like her lifestyle is tolerated by the public that has to pretend like they are open-minded about her alternative lifestyle. She has been given a pass due to the fact that she is a woman and a lesbian and no one dares to touch her - for fear of looking intolerant or bigotted.

CharlestonGirl said...

I respect your right to your opinion. Even though it is in your own words bigoted. As for failed talk shows, for the six years she was on she won multiple Emmys. She won Outstanding Talk Show every year she was eligible! I could care less about her sexual orientation. At least she puts her opinions out there for the world to see. Anonymous....seems kind of cowardly to me. I'm just sayin', I could have responded directly to you, had I only known how. Thanks for your comment.