Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Time Is More Important Than Your Time

******RANT ALERT*****************************************

Few things are more annoying to me than people who are late for appointments. It shows such disrespect! If you are going to be late or unable to show up at the agreed upon time, CALL at the very least!
We moved in to a new Beazer home in March and this was supposed to be our 45 day walk through. Later I will list the things we had them take a look at. The guy who came out, named Tim, did a good job, I think. After being 30 minutes late! :( Anyhoo, they will be here to fix it all on the 12th, not too bad.
We are getting new furniture tomorrow...today...whateva! SOOOO excited!

We finally found what we wanted. A leather sofa and loveseat. We are also getting this really cool wingback chair that reclines. It is red with yellow dots. Sounds weird, looks good.

Gotta go to bed....more later!

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