Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Five For Fun!

1. Clean out roach infested shed.
2. Vaccum out said shed.
3. Watch as moving men not only damage my new wood and leather couch (for the second time) but also the entire wall in my new foyer.
4. Itch and burn horribly from the acne medicine I put on the HUGE zits on my chin.
5. Scream at the newspaper when for anther day there is NOTHING at all on the front page about the war in Iraq.


1. Husband off today ! Woo Hoo!
2. Lunch at FATZ!
3. Finally getting through with my dad's house.
4. Making a counter offer to the contract written on my dad's house!
5. Admiring my beautiful new furniture in the living room. My first all new living room furniture, I feel like such a grown up! :)


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