Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Worked over at the Bulldog Tours for my buddy John. We both figured it would be a slow day and I could study etc. Well, we figured wrong! It was weird being in the shop that I used to be in everyday. It was the same, but different. Luckily, I still had the key to the shop on my key chain, so that was easy.

The phone started ringing right away. I made a few reservations for the weekend and realized I no longer knew the computer password! :) Eric called me with the info I needed pretty quickly, so no worries. Then it was quiet for a bit, I checked my college info. And chatted with the cast of characters from PCW that came by to say hello to me. I hadn't seen most of them since my last day at work. It was good to catch up.

Then the deluge started! The phone rang off the hook and I actually had a line in the shop! Really too funny. Then after about 30 minutes....nothing. The good news is I just randomly tried to sign up for classes and the system let me in! :) According to the calendar, you were only supposed to be able to register for classes if you already had 40 hours! SO COOL! I got every class I wanted! WOO HOO!

I even paid for them first thing this morning. My financial aid showed up, so I only had to pay the remainder. I decieded there really wasn't any reason to wait. Now all I have to do is pass the classes I am currently taken and I am all set! :)

About the time I got through with all that stuff, Christy got there to take over for me so I was all done. Now THAT is a good day at "work".

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