Monday, February 27, 2006

I VANT TO DRINK YOUR BLOOD...and other random droplets!

Back here at the hospital this morning early. Not sure what is gonna go on today. The hematologist wants to do a bone marrow biopsy and is waiting on the coumadin levels for my dad to be safe enough to do the procedure. They haven't started weening him off the dopamine yet, that has to happen before he could possibly come home. For some reason I feel that every day he stays here, the more dangerous it is for him. Weird, I know. I am wondering, even though he is about the same, all things considered, if he is going to come home at all.

I have been thinking, what would that be like? What would happen? What would we do at that point? Just things that are running through my mind.

I was supposed to have jury duty today. This is about the fourth time that I have had to cancel due to daddy being in the hospital. I expect any day that they will send a warrant for my arrest! :)

My CS doesn't seem to like the hematologist that is going to be working with us. I like him. We will have to see I guess. His name is Oscroft I think. He seems to really have his stuff together. I like his plans so far. He feels like he may be able to help a bit. I am all for helping dad feel better for however long he has....days, weeks, months or years.

George Michael was just arrested on drug charges according to FOXNEWS....why do I care?

Apparently there has been a security breach at the Long Beach, CA airport. All flights there have been suspended....scary.

Oprah gave her talk yesterday here in Charleston. The tickets were $125 a piece and sold out in minutes, then were sold on ebay for $800 in some cases! People who saw her thought it was more than worth it. I guess it is fair to say that she doesn't make a dime on the venture. Just the fact that she was here put $$ in the local coffers. I am excited to know that she donated $25,000 to the local Center For Women and that she and her foundations donated money to several other important local charities for women and children especially. Diane Sawyer and her husband Gary Trudeau were on hand for the event, as was Darius Rucker(hometown Hootie).

Spent the past two nights with HM. Nice to have someone to come home too right now. It is nice to be able to take a peek at the future. Trying to hold it all together. Keep the good vibes coming. And thanks to those of you who have emailed me recently with your kind words both about my writing and my situation with my dad. It is nice to experience the internet as a village of hope. I am humbled and very grateful.

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