Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just A Word About The Superbowl

Watched the Superbowl with HM at Fastbreak in Summerville. Private party in this little dive pool hall. The food was incredible. Steamship round, boiled shrimp, vegetables, fruit, salad, rolls. All the food and drinks you wanted. We were in several football pools...we had lousy numbers and won no money. We did have a great time.
The game was pretty good. We had great seats and could even hear what was going on thanks to some creative stool standing engineering! Thanks Dennis! The commercials were pretty good. My favorite was the Budweiser barn, where the colt tries to pull the wagon. Of course I loved that one! :)
The one thing that really got to me was Mick Jagger! Now, I love the Rolling Stones and Mick and the boys are still hanging in there. In Mick's case "hanging" is the right word! The man in 62 for the love of God! He was more than a little winded runnig around the stage. I give it to him for trying. He gave it a shot. I thought he did okay until he took off his long sleeved shirt. He had old man jiggle in his arms.....that waddle that women of a certain age cannot get rid of no matter how many weights they lift....he looked good other than that. The problem is he just kep jiggling it...EWWWWWWW! It's official...TIME IS NO LONGER ON HIS SIDE.

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