Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome To The International

I really needed to get drunk last night, after the day Dad and I had. Well, HM came over and we went out to dinner around 9pm. We had a couple of beers and then stopped by this dive bar right across the street from my neighborhood. I called Dad during and after dinner to check on him. He was going to bed, so we had a couple of drinks and talked inside the dive bar.

They were having Kareoke(sp?). It was quite a hoot. This isn't a rough bar, but it is populated with rough looking people...bikers, crack heads, truck drivers, old sad tired looking alcoholic women and men, and just your average joe and jane. It's not a place I would go into by myself and have a drink.

We were just about to leave about 11:30, when in walks these two guys that went to school with us. I knew one of them HM knew them both. (We went to the same highschool, HM is 2 years older than me) We had the best time with those guys catching up on old times. And there were so many characters in this place that kept interacting with us. A really drunk gay older guy that looked at HM like he wanted to eat him up. (ROFLMAO) And of course I made some new friends....lets seee.....the really drunk black guy named Challs (charles) who kept buying us drinks and telling HM I was the prettiest woman on the room....and that he wasn't a nigga he was Indian and raising his shirt to show me his "pecan tan"! Then there was Sheila, who kept pulling me up to dance....I finally did twice, it was fun. She is " a surgeon"....uh huh...yeah..okay. Her husband Gary who is actually her 3rd husband and "younger by a few years", who has a very weak stomach, he went outside and puked when a transvestite hit on his sister..... his sister Corrina who is a tough looking chick with really tight white stretch pants on and a pierced tongue. The transvestite likes women....and her/his name is the Pink Panther. Seriously, you couldn't make this shit up!

Next up would be Spud...yep, Spud, he thinks he can sing...he can't. And Joanne who showed up to tell us all that it took her 3 hours to find the place....she was a little plump and she had on a black cocktail dress and proceeded to get on the phone and tell someone she was "performing at The International tonight, you should come". Then she too sang really badly, but I give her credit, her stage presence was very Judy Garland....sadly the voice was more Foster Brooks! ;) Drunk gay man came up to our table and just stood there.....finally I said, Can I help you? He looked at HM and our two friends and back at me and said "I am probably in no man's land here right?" I nodded and said"That's right, I am thinking the answer to your unasked question is no. Bye-bye." He laughed and left. Then he almost got in a fight with a military guy from the 82nd Airborne who was sitting at the bar trying his best to pick up the bartender...or any other decent looking woman. When I went to the bathroom he was telling the bartender how this guy was so freaking drunk and he was afraid he was going to have to fight him or the drunk black/indian guy. He looked at me and I said he is really drunk isn't he. So when the bartender goes into the bathroom, he starts talking to me. He has a great tatoo of the 82nd insignia on his bicep. He says when he goes out, which isn't often...uh of 3 things happens. One he meets a woman that likes him, two, he meets a....(and I said Gay man that likes you)...he started laughing and said You sure are an honest woman, yes that's right. Or three he gets in a fight. So, I talked to him for a few minutes about how nothing that those 2 drunk guys could do would be worth going to the brig. He was very appreciative and kept sending us over drinks.

Oh, did I mention that one of the waitresses is dating an old highschool boyfriend of mine? LOL Yep, and she is realllllllyyyyyy creeeeeeepy looooookinnnnnggggg! lol HM was teasing me about it all night. He said he was continually amazed out how I handled myself with people. Years of working in bars has stood me in good stead. I think I am a pretty good cooler and people just talk to me, as you know! I did not seek any of these meetings out and yet when we left we knew all these folks. It was so much fun and so hysterical. The only time HM had to step in was a couple of stiff arms to the black/indian guy that got just a little too close to me when he was leaning over talking. It was perfect and understated, he did it in a totally cool way. One of our friend sitting with us told HM, "Damn, you should bring her with you all the time, we haven't paid for drink one!" HM and I left at 2:15! Then we sat and talked at my house until 4:00am. He is so much fun and such a great guy. Everything we do is an adventure!

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