Sunday, February 19, 2006

Delta Moon/Tinsley Ellis

Last night HM and I went over to The Pour House to check out Tinsley Ellis with opening act Delta Moon. It was a fantastic show. This was our first visit to this venue. It was really set up right for a listening room. I had a bit of a deja vu experience...reminded me of the old Myskyns. We got there around 10 just as Delta Moon was about to take the stage. HM had time to grab a beer and we had a perfect spot to stand pretty much center stage about 5 or 6 folks back.

Delta Moon is a 5 piece band out of Atlanta. Let me just say....they rocked the house. We bought the cd and listened to it on the way home.
Can't wait for them to play locally again! If you have a chance, check them out.

Tinsley Ellis took the stage about 11:15ish. He looked healthier than he has in a long time, in my opinion. It may be just that fact that he cut his long hair. He looks 100% better with his hair the way it is now. He started out rocking and never looked back. The crowd was in to him from the start.

I have to be honest though. He looked like he phoned it in. He is still one of the best guitar guys around, but he had some kind of disconnect that I can't put my finger on. He is a smart guy though. He has a young drummer and a young keyboard guy and they both are full of energy and passion. The keyboard guy is a young "Jerry Lee Lewis type" hot likkin' player. The how to describe this guy. Alternately, he was in the zone and grinning like a Cheshire cat while playing. They both really put on quite a show all by themselves. Great additions to Tinsley's act.

Now to the crowd. Pretty full house, mostly older 40's and up, with a smattering of college kids. Everyone having a good time, some toooo good a time. Having worked in bars for a few years, I have one suggestion. They need better bouncers or bouncers at all! :) There was a drunk guy that climbed on stage....never should have happened. Also, there was almost an altercation concerning HM that if a bouncer was present (as in paying attention) should have been dealt with. It shouldn't be up to the crowd to police your drunks! :) Anyhow, HM has a cool head and a pretty serious "really, don't F#*K with me" stare that seemed to work wonders!
There were also a few interactions that we witnessed that could have easily gone bad, they just need a security presence that would stop alot of that crap.

We had a fun day yesterday, all day long. We met my CS (crazy sister) for lunch at Kellys Barbeque in Summerville. Everything we do is an adventure......sooooooooo
what should have taken us about 15 minutes to get there....took 40 minutes!
Yeah, my beloved is directionally challenged! And everytime this happens (yes, it has happened before)I say that I am going to ask him how he is going to get to wherever we are going before we leave the driveway. I always forget and just assume he knows how to go. NOT A GOOD IDEA>>>>>>
:) He knows where the place is, usually...he just doesnt' usually know exactly how to get there. Or the remotely shortest way to a location. He says he doesn't mind it if I were to tell him the best way to go. Lucky thing, cause I see it happening a lot in our future! :) Ya gotta love it. I was giggling so much by the time we got there I was almost was hysterical to me that it took us that long to get there!

Anyway, lunch was lovely. They have a great buffet and I think it's only $7.95. Baked chicken, fried chicken, pulled barbeque, hash, white rice, green beans, macaroni and cheese, potato and cheese casserole, cole slaw, etc. We left there and went to The Home Show at the Fairgrounds. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. It was free and the parking was free and we still paid tooooo much! Then CS went on about her day and HM and I went to the Flea Market next door. That was an experience! Not too much I was interested in. I did find some antique Charleston Prints that I thought were cool. $100 for the set of four small prints by Elizabeth O'Neil Verner. And two Japanese Spice jars hand painted antique for $80.

I didn't buy them, but they were cool nonetheless. We left there and went to look at rings! WEDDING RINGS, there I said it. We found one that we both really liked! It has 9 diamonds set in a gold band. :) I am excited, scared, happy, weirded out. All of the above!

We came home and took a nap.....I love a nap. Then went to the show. Fun day. I hope that the future holds many more adventures and a lot
more laughter and love.

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