Friday, February 03, 2006

Old Age Is Not For Sissies

There is so much going on with my Dad right now. I am unable to focus on anything else. I just want to curl up in my bed and pull the covers over my head. It's all just too much!

He is having a lot of trouble this week. I have pretty much had to fix his meals, the ones that Sis hasn't brought him. Today at lunch I was getting his stuff together...he is driving me crazy. He tries not to bother me and in doing so makes matters much worse than they would be if he would just spit out what's wrong! I am so frustrated and I know my frustration pales in comparison to his own.

He told me today he just doesn't think he will ever be well again. That is so sad. Even sadder is the fact that I don't think so either. I just want to scream. Every day is a new crisis, a new drama. It is really wearing on us all.

He told my sister he had loose bowel movements and stomach problems. When I asked him about it he said no he didn't and that Sister was out of her mind. Those were his words. SO, I didn't worry about it too much. Today he tells me he "shit his pants" this morning right after he got up and had to take a bath. I asked him about his bowel movement issues, he told me he had been having trouble all week. I asked him why he didn't tell me about it, he said he did!!!!!! Kill me now! So now here it is Friday afternoon and I have called the doctor with no response....that would be Dr. Newton. What a disorganized doctor's office he has...UGH. Great guy, but his staff....idiots.

So I asked dad what he did with his soiled underwear...he told me he lay them on his hamper to be thrown out. I knew this didn't bode well. I gloved up and went into his room. Sure enough there were the soild boxers. I took out his other clothes...there were about 5 pair of boxers I had to throw away and 1 pair of khaki pants. The khakis were not just stained...they were actually full of shit. Yeah, nice, really nice. I feel sorry for him that he is sick, but come on that is just nasty. I keep thinking what if I had just stuck my bare hand in there, unknowing....UGH.

I wish I knew how long this was all going to drag on. I want him to just go to sleep and not wake up.....
Heaven help us all.....

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