Friday, February 24, 2006

There'll be sadness, no sorrow, Oh My Lordy no trouble, trouble I'll see....

Sitting here in my dad's hospital room. He is sleeping soooo hard. He has been sleeping since I got here. He woke up for a few minutes to talk to is friend that came to visit him, but it was hard to keep him awake to talk.

Yesterday the doctor came in and was really nice to dad. He said they were trying to get the fluid down. I spoke to him at the nurses station. I told him dad wasn't himself, that he had been sleeping a lot more than usual. He told me it is because dad's heart is "so crummy". He said his heart is just so weak, it can't get blood to everywhere it needs to. I said, "So this is just where we are?" He said "I wish I could tell you differently, but yes, it is. There really isn't anything we can do about his atrial fibrilation because his blood pressure is so low." I asked him if we are almost at the end of this road and he said he hated to speculate at how long daddy has, because he could easily be wrong. He did say that given his relatively rapid decline in the last six months that he believed that it wouldn't be too long. He genuinely seemed sorry that he couldn't help him. He also said that most folks with CHF just go to sleep and don't wake up. I hope that is what happens for daddy.

Say a little prayer for us. Whoever it is you pray to. Good vibes are also appreciated! :)

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