Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We Gotta Get Outta This Place-The Who WHO?

So today started out pretty easy, HM called to tell me the days he could go see his son. I am making them reservations so I needed the exact dates. I started reading my computer book, I have a test this week on Excel. I was about to take the exam online when I heard my father. He called me into the hall and told me he just couldn't breathe and needed to go to the hospital. I took one look at him and called his cardiologist. Naturally we missed him by like 15 minutes, he had left for the day. His nurse is so sweet, she told me to go ahead and take dad to the hospital and have them do the work up, one of the doctors in the practice would come see him.

We got to the ER and it was slammed. They took him pretty much right away. I had just parked the car and come back in and they called his name. We were there for about 5 1/2 hours all together. Dad's blood pressure was dangerously low and he had atrial diffibrilation, irregular heartbeat. That is so weird to me because he does have a does that work? Anyhow, the doctor that came to talk to him was a hottie! :) Not sure that that should matter, but yeah, it did! Doc admitted him and upstairs we went. To give you an idea of how busy the ER was, they had folks up and down the halls. Many of these people were much sicker than my dad. It was really swamped. Also, the Director Of The ER is the person who took us to our room, if that tells you anything! Everyone was working very hard and they were all fantastic to us the whole time.

We keep having to come back to the hospital and dad is really getting discouraged. I am too, I guess. I just hate that he is having to go through all of this. I just wish him peace.
I wish us all peace.


Joan said...

Nice to see another Charleston blogger Hope your Dad is doing okay.

CharlestonGirl said...

Thanks Joan, all good thoughts welcome!