Monday, February 13, 2006

Hawaii Dreaming

I am listening to the internet broadcast from lovely Hawaiian music for this crazy cold day. This picture was taken on Waikiki from Duke's at The Outrigger On The Beach. Lovely place, full of great folks and Lava Flow drinks....YUM! Today's high is supposed to be 51 the low 25! 25 degrees! Holy crap! For those of you that live where it is REALLY cold, I apologize. You have to understand though, I live in SOUTH Carolina. I want to be warm. The coldest I ever really want it to be is about 65. Yep, that's it 65 degrees. None of this "I can see my breath" crap! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE MY BREATH.....EVER!

The latest in my how stupid can one woman be and still be in college....
I had my first research paper due in English on February 13. Yep, that would be today. a closer inspection.....the paper is due February 13 at 12:00AM! Who does that? All of my other online classes have their assignments and tests set up to be due at 11:59PM of whatever date they choose.
Point is, if I hadn't randomly looked at the calendar one last time yesterday as I was going out the door to meet HM, I would have been royally screwed. I submitted it yesterday, I hope it is okay. That MLA format stuff is all new to me. I have a feeling I screwed that part up, but the writing aspect, I am happy with.
Don Ho is ancient and has been really sick. I am listening to him singing right now, that guy had an awesome voice in his day. There is also this guy named Moe Keale.....he is fantastic. These guys are buttah. I wanna go back to the islands. I would leave right now if I could. Man, I need some sand gravity in a very bad way. I HATE WINTER. :)

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