Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dad Comes Home

Dad was able to come home yesterday! They did the bone marrow biopsy first thing in the morning, it went very well. We spent the rest of the day...until 3 something waiting on him to pee. Yepper, we couldn't leave until he was able to pee after they took the catheter out. My dad was so obnoxiously grumpy about the whole thing. He was convinced he could go home and pee there. He tried to sweet talk them, charm them and then eventually was just ugly to them about the whole thing. Finally he was able to do just a little bit and we were released!

A guy with ABC Medical came to the room before we left to bring us a portable oxygen unit and explain how that works. When we left we called their office and a rep met us at home to give us a unit that runs 24/7. It is quite a set up. The whole thing is on wheels and is about the size of a mini fridg. The pain in the ass is the tubing....with dad in a wheel chair, he is having trouble not running over it as he goes down the hall. He doesn't have to use it all the time, just when he feels like he needs it. I am happy that he finally has it, I don't think it is an answer, but it will give him a more secure feeling, knowing it's there.

In other news...oh that's right there is no other news...I have no life....poor pitiful me....

And that isn't quite true! Last night CS came over to hang out with Dad a bit and give me a break. I went to watch HM shoot pool in his league. They were playing at Willies. When I got there I treated one of his teammates and talked to him about how to make his back feel better. I needed a beer and went to the bar to get one for HM and me. The bartender was arguing with some guy at the bar about him paying his tab. Apparently, he gave her a credit card that wouldn't go through and he was stalling. She was standing there waiting and she looked at me, I said Coors Light and Bud light. She looked all pissy and said Just wait, I am really busy, hang on. I was like Uh, okay. At the time I was thinking there were only 3 other people at the bar besides me. Two guys with there drinks already, the guy she was talking to and me. This woman would never survive as a bartender in your average bar. No ability to do more than one thing at a time. An ability that I would be demonstrating myself, soon enough.

She finally came over to me and asked what I wanted. I told her and in the meantime my phone rang it was my friend who just had a baby. She was calling to ask me how dad was doing and if I was okay. We were deep in serious conversation when the bill was brought to me. I figured the tip signed it and she took her copy. I put the receipt in my purse and took the beers to HM. I got off the phone with my friend and thanked her for being so sweet to check up on me.

I watched HM shoot a game and we chatted a bit, but I was so distracted thinking of dad and all that had gone on this past week. I was just exhausted. I decided to head on home. I called dad and told him I would pick up a milkshake for him. He was excited! :) As I got my money out for the shake, I noticed the receipt from Willies! That bitch had charged me $12.75 for TWO BEERS! I tried to call HM and it went right to voice mail, so I turned my happy ass around and went back to the bar.

HM happened to be at the bar getting some water when I came in. I told him what happened he kept telling me how sorry he was, but he had nothing to do with it at all. While I was waiting for her to wait on me, I watched her try to steal money from someone else. She didn't give a woman her that would seem like an accident, except it was several dollars and the woman was standing right there. The bartender was awful and not too smooth either! LOL
So I show her the receipt and tell her she overcharged me considerably for two beers. She doesn't apologize, she says Do you want something else? I said NO,what I want is a credit for the full amount. She couldn't figure out how to do that. Hello! Whatever! She asked if it was okay to give me the cash difference. I said Yes, I want the full amount less the beer. How much was the beer? She told me the beer was $5.00 so I told her I wanted the $10.75 back. That would mean leaving her no tip. I ALWAYS LEAVE A TIP! Usually 20% or more. I was pretty ticked off though. THEN she only gave me $10.00 and said Thank You. I looked at HM and I knew I was being a bitch, but just didn't care. I said Oh I guess the 75 cents you are keeping as a tip? She looked at me surprised and said Oh, uh, here you go. And I took it! I left her nothing because I totally think she was trying to take my money! BITCH Ah well, lessoned learned....Pay Attention To What You Are Signing!

Also, as an aside. Today is freakin beautiful outside! 70's LOVE IT!
Have a beautiful day and don't sign anything you haven't really looked at. And uh, yeah, be grateful you can pee and breathe whenever you want to!

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