Monday, June 25, 2007

Age Of Love

When I saw the commercials for this new NBC show Age Of Love with Mark Philippoussis, the tennis player dating 40yr olds and 20 yrolds. He has to decide whether he wants to be with an older woman or a younger woman. The ads keep saying the cougar or the kitten. Give me a break!

One of the women actually has a son this guy's age. The older women were all dressed in eveing wear and it was night time when they met him. My husband pointed out something about this woman we saw out the other day. He said she had old looking legs, they gave her away. The truth is that I found that to be true of some of these women too. One was 48 and said people say she doesn't look her age....she doesn't but her legs do!

The 20 somethings all meet him in their bikinis and the jacuzzi! They were each one more beautiful than the last. The camera catches them making fun of the older women saying he will pick one of them because they "can still have kids" and "my mom is 40!".

They have a cookout and then get in the hot tub....and there is dead silence! They don't talk to him or to each other. They have nothing to say. He gets them alone and they have a lot of nothing more to say. One girl, the big breasted blonde, said her little maltese/poodle mix had the same personality as she did! They showed an interview with him and he said I started wondering what the 40 year old's were doing. He missed the interaction and talking to women who knew what they wanted. Hysterical!

I hate the whole idea of this show. I know a lot of couples that have an age difference and if it works for you, great! I hate the idea of women competeing over one guy, who gets to choose from the group. It's so obnoxious. At least on the bachelor, they try to make it romantic along the way. They don't succeed, but at least it makes it fun to make fun of! This show is just pathetic.

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