Friday, June 29, 2007

The Next Big Thing

Today was a great day! I applied for my Business License in Goose Creek. According to the lady who waited on me, it should take about 2 weeks. Then I went over to the BCOC, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce and joined. The ladies there were awesome! I am so excited about this new venture!

The good news I keep putting off telling yall about is that I am starting up a new business in Goose Creek. I will post the details here very soon! I am over the moon about it!

Hope yall are having a great end of the week!

The Friday Five Thing I Am GRATEFUL for:

1. My loving husband.

2. My sister, even though she drives me insane a lot, I am grateful for her love and friendship.

3. My friends, they are the best.

4. My health. The freedom to move through life mostly pain free is a miracle to treasure, so many folks can't.

5. Living in this country, but more specifically living here in the lowcountry. We are so lucky!

Today, I am feeling exceptionally blessed. Pass it on.....

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