Monday, June 25, 2007

Hot Hot Hot Trip To Vegas

We are headed to Las Veags July 8, so I better be getting used to the heat, eh? I have never been to Vegas and I can hardly wait! We just need a fun getaway. We were able to use frequent flyer miles so it's costing literally $20 total for both of us to fly out there and home. We even have first class seats on the way home! :) WOO HOO!

I think we are going to start walking here in the neighborhood every day to get used to walking around in the heat. When I worked outside everyday I was used to it, now I am a big baby! Where Mike works it is really hot all the time, so he is used to it to. I just want to be able to have a good time while we are away and not be tooooo drained by it.

There are so many cool websites for Vegas travel. I am getting lots of good info. Tripadvisor is good and the Las Vegas Advisor is good too. I am reading a lot of trip reports to get ideas of what people found to be fun and what was a waste of time. I keep reading over and over that you should not try to see it all while you are there. There are a few things I definitely want to experience on my first trip out. I want to win $$$$$$$$$$ and then the rest is just gravy! :)

Anyone have any good Vegas Tips? What is the one thing we should not miss? Email me or comment here. Thanks!

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Amy said...

everything is connected! You never have to be outside and can see everything! lol

There is a place by coca-cola world near the MGM where you can get tickets to shows happening that day at 1/2. Got killer show tickets that way.