Monday, June 18, 2007

Crazy Tourists Part 2

Lots of fun stuff happened this weekend, I will post all the good stuff later today.

For now, here are a few more in the tourist comment/questions that make ya laugh!
One spring I started writing down things people said or asked when I was working in the shop for Palmetto Carriage Works. This shop is located in the historic Market area of Charleston.

1. Can you tell me the difference between the boat tour and the carriage tour?

2. How long will it rain?

3. Don't you have enclosed carriages?

4. As the team of mules are jumping up in the air spooked by something a helpful tourist says,
"If you would take that metal thing out of their mouths, they would probably be a lot easier to get settled down."

5. Overheard as two tourists were waiting on a carriage tour. "It was real eerie walking through the market knowing slaves were once sold on those very tables. You could just feel their anguish."

6. Where can I buy a stuffed bannana tree?

7. Are we just going to keep on seeing more houses on this tour? Where's the city?

8. We want the carriage that goes by the plantations.

9. Do you have a guide that can talk?

10. When the city started regulating the areas (zones) that the carriages were allowed to travel through folks went nuts. Zone 1 goes along the battery between Meeting and East Bay. Zone 2 is down to South Battery between King or Legare and Meeting. Zone 3 goes to the College Of Charleston, Ansonborough area. That is the simplified version of the very complicated Zone system. The Zone is determined by loading up a carriage and pulling up to what the city calls a gatekeeper and they literally pull a ball out of a bingo machine. SOOOOO this caused all sorts of issues with people not seeing the things they wanted to see. "We don't want Zone 1 now, we want to see go down to the battery."

11. We want the good zone. You know, the one that goes to the battery & by the College Of Charleston and to the Citadel. We went on that tour last year and it was great! (There is no such tour)

12. Can you tell me how to get to the historic area?

13. Can you tell me how to get to the battery? What is it anyway?

14. We want the carriage tour that goes along the beach.

15. What street is the mall on?

16. And one of my all time favorites, telemarketers calling Palmetto Carriage Works... "Hello, may I speak to Mr. Carriage? (imagine this with some weird French pronunciation---Ca-Ri-AHGE)


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