Sunday, June 03, 2007


I am typing away to you from the comfy cozy new LEATHER loveseat we received on Friday. Actually this is the second complete set of sofa, loveseat and cloth wing back recliner chair we have had delivered from Sofa Super Store. The first set was delivered on Wednesday and 5 minutes after they left it I found quite a bit of damage to the wooden portions of both the loveseat and the couch. Oh and did I mention that the chair squeaked and wobbled like it had been dropped of the top of some large building?

So we called the store and they replaced them Friday. The same two guys showed up and this time the furniture only had small nicks in the wood and the chair was perfect. They are supposedly going to send someone over to fix the nicks in the wood. Meanwhile they completely screwed up the doorway and the wall in the foyer. NICE! I took digital pictures to show the company, not sure if they will do anything about it, but I am going to at least let them know that it is really more than just a bit of a rub.

I LOVE this furniture! We have been looking for the set we liked for almost a year. It is just what we wanted and looks great with the curtains we put up in the living room. We also bought roman shades to go behind the curtains, Mike got them hung up today and they look great!

We are slowly....very slowly getting things fixed up in our new house. It takes so much time and $$, it's unreal. Also, you have to be able to visualize how something will look in your space and you have to decide how you want your space to look. UGH!

We are getting there....s....l....o....w...l...y.

Gotta go to bed, more later!

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