Friday, June 22, 2007

Captain Willian Hutchinson

I called my sister this morning to see if she was watching the funeral procession being broadcast on Channel 2. She said she had seen the pictures and couldn't figure out why Captain William Hutchinson looked so familiar to her. He had looked familiar to me too. After seeing a different picture of him, she remembered. He worked as a barber in his off time. He worked as a barber in the shop my dad got his hair cut at for years near the Naval Weapon's Station. He was always so nice and friendly. He talked a lot about is family. My dad thought a lot of him. Those guys in the barber shop never made my dad feel like a little old man or somehow less of a man in a wheelchair. They called him Master Chief and they respected him. They gave him some of his dignity back after he lost his leg. They came to the house to cut his hair after it became too hard for him to get out to their shop. Billy Hutchinson was by all accounts a brave man. By my accounts and those of my sister, he was quite a human being. We were lucky to have known him. I also understand he was a member of my dad's masonic lodge. I know my dad will be helping him cross over if he is able.

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