Monday, June 04, 2007


At last! Dad's house is sold! :) WOO HOO! I hate to jinx this whole thing, we have a signed contract and we have agreed on terms. The house still has to be inspected, etc. This is such a huge relief. It will be sad to get rid of the house, once it's gone. I know I will be melancholy about not being able to go inside the house I grew up in anymore. But the last years were difficult. My mom was sick with lung cancer in that house, then 7 years later my daddy died in that house. Those things were huge and painful. The memories of the good times are still intact and I carry those with me. The folks buying the house are a young couple with a young child. In a way it is the natural progression of things. Here is a new family starting their new life in our old house. It's nice to me that a family is about to start making more good memories in that house. They will be right down the street from their mother. She went to school with my sister, so it's a good move for them. The grandma watches the child during the week, so it's very convenient.
Keep your fingers crossed it all works out for everyone! They are hoping to close by the 28th of this month. WHEW!

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