Sunday, March 05, 2006

And The Oscar Goes To.....

Watching the Oscars! George Clooney won for best supporting actor for Syrianna. Dang he is a handsome man. He looks like a throwback to the old Cary Grant handsome actor days. I saw many of the movies nominated for the various categories, but I think I will make a list of the others that I need to see. I love movies so much.

Larry McMurtry won for best adapted screenplay for Brokeback Mountain! Uma Thurman glided out to present the award for best screenplay. She is stunning. She is wearing the most beautiful glam gown of the night. Crash won for that. Didn't see it, but it looks good. Best Director: Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain! WOO HOO! Loved that movie and he is an incredible director.

Jack Nicholson doesn't age anymore. He looks the same as he has for a LONG TIME. He is presenting Best Motion Picture Of The Year. PS His voice is very sexy. He is so devilish looking. CRASH won the best picture! WOW, that came out of nowhere. Man, people thought Brokeback or Goodnight and Good Luck....WOW. Now I have to go see it!

I didn't mention the award given to Robert Altman. He received an Honorary Oscar. The funny thing about that was the presentation by Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin. They did a great schtik. They came out talking over each other, actually layer with each other. It was a play on the way his movie dialogue is always all wrapped around itself. They were so funny. Those two are masters of their craft, no doubt.

Reese Witherspoon is the cutest thing! She won for Walk The Line. Her speech was the best of the night in my opinion. She commented about June Carter that she was a "real woman". And I loved the quote she gave of June Carter's. When someone would ask June how she was doing, she would respond, "I'm just tryin to matter." WOW. Isn't that pretty profound for a little country gal?

I'm just tryin to matter too. Daddy had a pretty difficult day today. Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

Time for bed. Prayers please for us all.

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