Monday, March 06, 2006

In The Sweet By and By

Daddy didn't wake up this morning until after 10:30. He wouldn't have woken then, but the phone rang a couple of times. He was very bleary eyed when he came out of the bedroom and bathroom. Good news is that he actually went to the bathroom pretty well in his urinal last night. And he didn't look toooo swollen this morning. He also seemed to be struggling less for his breath. (that didn't last long)

We had cereal this morning uh, noontime. Then around 2:30 I heated a bowl of the soup that CS made for him and some of the cornbread I made yesterday with a hunk of onion. He ate almost all of it. Everything he is doing is a struggle for him, it is difficult to watch. Bless his heart, he is trying to stay positive and upbeat.

We called to make sure the doctor hadn't moved his office and then headed out. It was quite an interesting little trek. Took some thinking to figure out how to take all the things we needed with us. It's our firs trip out without the leg and with the oxygen tank. We survived.

The good news is the urologist says nothing is wrong from his standpoint. So that's good. We do go for a renal ultrasound next week just to make sure and we visit him again in 3 months.

Dad just gets so obsessed with the whole bathroom peeing, pooping etc. It is a relief that there isn't anything wrong with him.

It has been difficult not seeing HM the past couple of days. I miss him. I miss him holding me in his arms. It's surprising to me how much that one simple thing takes so much of the stress from my body. I am blessed to have such a good man in my life.

This was not a remotely upbeat post....sorry Internet. Tomorrow is another day.
Blessings all around. Good night.

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