Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another Day

This morning started in a very dramatic way. I heard my dad call my name from the bathroom. When I opened the door he was sitting on the toilet unable to stand up. I tried to help him stand like he normall would and he couldn't at all. I think he fell asleep sitting on the toilet and his leg went to sleep. I had to pick him up under his arms and sit him in his wheelchair. He was so upset, really scared.

Got him in his chair and wheeled him into his room where there was more of a pull up bar so he could sort of stand and I could hold him while I pulled up his pants. I also got the oxygen on him and just had him sit there for a few minutes. He was really shakey.

It scared him that he couldn't move. He did have the phone right next to him, but he was still really upset. He kept asking me what would happen to him if I wasn't there. I told him, he had his phone and there was help easily at hand.

While I was making his lunch, he was telling me how weak he felt and that he had too much company yesterday. About that time the doorbell rand and I told him I didn't care who it was, I thought he should go ahead and eat his lunch. Turns out it was the volunteer from Roper to install his Roper Lifeline. It is a button he wears around his neck that he can push and they will try to contact him, if they can't they then call folks he has listed on his sheet. If he needs the police or an ambulance, they call that too. It will give him more of a sense of security and that's a good thing.

The rest of the day went well, I took two tests for my computer class. The chapter work I don't know what I made, but I think I got an A. The EXAM, I made a 97! Woo Hoo!

HM and I, Bulldog J, his wife, Music Mama D and CS went to see Tim Wilson at The Plex. If you have a chance to go see him, HE IS SO FUNNY! He is a total trip.
HM's truck needed some work, so CS and I went to pick him up. We got stuck in some serious I-26 traffic. A normally 15 minute drive wound up taking us 45 minutes.

We finally made it to The Plex. The security guys wanded us and then we went in.
We stopped to grab a beer and went to look for our seats. We ran into J and he showed us where the others were. We went over and were trying to decide where each of us would sit. We finally got it worked out and HM sat down behind D. Well.....he sat doooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwn....the chair broke into 5 pieces and HM hit the floor. He jumped up and bowed. People clapped! The DJ put a spotlight on us! Thank goodness he wasn unhurt. It was hysterical for the rest of us though. In their defense, the staff was all over it. They made sure he was okay, brought him another chair, actually 2 other chairs and bought him a beer. I know they were covering their ass, but still, they did a good job of it.

Due to the added attention, some other friends of ours that were there saw us and came over to chat. Lawn Man and his girlfriend were there with other friends of HM. It was good to see them again. Before we knew it the lights were going down for the opening act.

Gene Ward was the painfully unfunny opening act. He went on and on and got very few laughs. He was horrific. He opened for Tim Wilson the last time we saw him. He was really bad then, I couldn't believe he was still opening for him and that he hadn't gotten any better. If anything he was worse.

Tim Wilson came on next and he was HYSTERICAL! I LOVED HIM! We all laughed till we hurt. It was a very good time had by all.

We left there and took CS home, then HM and I dropped off some stuff at Sandy's and Clyde's. Then I took him home and regrettably left him to go home. I called him as I left and we chatted until I got home. When I got in Daddy was sitting at the kitchen table and calling me to come in there. I hung up with HM and went in. Dad had a really bad cut on his stump. It looked like his prosthesis hadn't been on quite right. It had bled all into the sleeve of the prosthesis. I cleaned and bandaged it. He had already taken his sleeping pill and was starting to get punch drunk. I had to pretty much put him in the bed. I felt so bad for him. What would have happened if I hadn't come home? Bless his heart.

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Joan said...

Indeed, what would have happened. It just seemed assumed that people will have family to tend to them when they go home. He is lucky to have you.

Otherwise - sounds like a fun night!