Monday, March 13, 2006

Back At Roper With Dad

Friday night dad wasn't feeling to well. CS, HM and I went to the Stingrays game. It was a lot of fun, everyone asked how daddy was doing. I didn't really like leaving him home by himself, but he was fine. We got home and hung out there. HM has been so understanding of my need to make sure dad is okay.

Saturday around lunchtime, dad told me he needed to call the doctor and probably go to the hospital. He was very swollen and having trouble breathing. Dr. Reeves was on call and told me the dosage to give him of his med. So we tried that. Went to the hockey game to get our Trevor Johnson Bobble Head dolls. They actually look to me like Jared Bednar, but whatever.

We got home and dad was doing a bit better. I helped him get undressed and in bed. Sunday morning woke up and dad seemed a bit better, but by the time he had breakfast it was obvious, we needed to call the doctor. He had us go to the ER. They did some blood work and found out that daddy had pneumonia! And that his kidney function is not what it should be, he has dangerously high potassium levels. I was shocked. I understand how it happens, but, it still floored me.

They admitted him and the renal doctor (can't remember his name) came in and said that dad's kidneys were struggling because his heart was so weak. They were going to try to get the potassium levels down and then see what was up. The only real option was dialysis, but he made it clear that wasn't really an option due to dad's low blood pressure and overall health. He told his dad would never be able to get off of the machine and that the procedure itself might kill him.

Daddy is very sick. I'm not sure he is coming home from this one. He keeps sleeping REALLY deeply. When he wakes up he is groggy and says the medicine is making him sleepy. He is a lot sicker than he was just yesterday morning. I guess his heart is just really struggling.

Yesterday in spite of how sick he was, he called HM and SANG Happy Birthday to him. It was so sweet. He was actually in pretty good spirits, probably from being nervous, but still. When he is sweet, he is sooo sweet. You can't help but love him. He has some really great nurses on the 3rd floor here. Many of them know us by now, and they take great care of him. I just wish he would fall asleep and not wake up. I hate that he is having to go through this.

Last night I had to call all the family to tell them what was going on. That was really hard. Just so many questions and so forth. UGH.

My brother is still in Washington, DC. It's hard to know what to tell him to do. He wants some kind of idea of what dad's time line am I supposed to know that? I know it is hard for him, but I think he has to make his own decisions.

Please keep my father in your prayers, if you will. All good thoughts are appreciated. I just want his journey on to be as peaceful as possible....for all of us.

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