Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ma'am do you have your receipt?

Another beautiful day in the Unholy City! Dad was in his glory as he had lots of visitors today! Almost too many, he was really worn out when they left, but he was so glad to see them all. CS came over with the girls (her poodles) and dropped them off while she went to do some errands. Dad was pretty good today, but dang if he isn't really obnoxious much of the time. Today was another day that I wanted to pinch his head off, but so far I have refrained. Yay me!

Left the house to run some errands. The curtains HM and I got a few weeks ago needed to be returned. I had them in the bag we got them in and went to Wal Mart with the receipt. At least that is what I thought I was supposed to do. Turns out uh....yeah...the curtains actually came from K-Mart! Dumbass! I told the lady behind the counter, "Ma'am, I am truly not trying to get something over on you, I am in fact just that stupid." She cracked up and my work there was done.

I decided to try to get dad's groceries while I was there. Mission accomplished! I also ran in to the wife of one of the guys HM shoots pool with. She offered to show me how to sew some curtains! Truth is I would love to know, but right now I don't have any patience left at all.

Dropped off the groceries and headed to CS's house. She just got dsl cable internet. I helped her get her email account set up and generally figure out how it worked for her. We laughed a lot and that was really good. I needed that. She sees how dad is being and I am glad. We called HM to meet us for dinner.

We went to Brecks in the North Area. They have a great steak special, nothing fancy, but good food. HM had a filet, butterfly cut, a baked potato, peas, salad and tea, I had ribeye, baked potato, green beans, salad and water and it was $19 and some change....less than $20.
That is a deal in my book.

We left and I took CS home. As I was leaving her driveway I realized I didn't have my cell phone. I parked and went in to call Brecks to see if they had found it. CS was glad I stopped because she was having problems with her email! I worked on that while she called Breaks and sure enough, they had my phone.

I got her email squared away after a call to tech support, then called HM to let him know what was happening. He wanted to go get it for me, but that didn't make any sense really, as I needed it. He also doesn't really like the idea of me out shopping late at night (9:00pm). That is just something he will have to deal with. I am careful, but I am not willing to end my evening early or not go someplace by myself after dark. That lets criminals win. I am very careful and take percautions, but I won't be staying inside cause it's dark! :) I travelled to Toronto, Detroit, and Honolulu by myself and walked around at night....Charleston will be no problem! :) (I hope!) Anyhow, he very sweetly offered to meet me at KMart when I told him I was going to take the curtains back (and yes, I admitted to him my earlier idiocy). But I told him I would take care of it then head home.

So that was my crazy night. My mind is going in a million different directions. I feel a little bit off kilter, out of sorts. Weird, but I guess it will pass. Lot's of stuff going on.

A friend of mine called me today to let me know he was alive and back at work. He is so hard on himself and he means a lot to me. Really great guy. Glad he is still hanging in there. Every day is a new day to do the right thing, to be a better person, to care a little more, to give a little more. My ferverent prayer is that we each in our own way look for the light in each other.

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