Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday With Dad

Saturday morning I set my alarm early. HM called just as I woke up. We chatted a bit and then I took my pillow out to the living room and lay on the couch. I could hear my dad as he got up and rolled into the bathroom. I was a bit worried because he is unable to wear his prothesis and he is pretty weak right now. When he came into the living room he still had his pajamas on. He told me he wasn't getting dressed today. OKAY

I made him a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast with peanut butter. He loved it and was very appreciative. In fact he was really sweet all day...thank goodness. I changed his bandage and did some English homework.

I just knew I wouldn't get to go spend some time with HM today. I really miss being alone with him, curled up in his arms. Circumstances have conspired to keep us celibate of late. UGH

Dad actually wanted a bologna, cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch. You have to understand, my dad never eats sandwiches, he is not a big bread guy. He seemed to like it though, he ate most of it.

HM very sweetly drove his broken truck to see me at dad's house. He is the sweetest man ever. I love him. Anyhow, it was good to just spend time with him. It helps when I am freaked out about daddy to have someone who loves me there to just hold my hand sometimes.

Daddy is just too fragile to be alone for very long. A lot of it is mental, but the reality is he almost fell today in the bathroom. He is very weak and it is difficult for him to do the simplest of things.

I hope we don't go back into the hospital this week, but I have a feeling we will.

On another random note: We watched some true crime show last night about this armed robbery of a wells fargo like truck in Las Vegas. The woman who was involved was named Heather Tallchief. She has been on the run for something like 12 years and decided to turn herself in. She has a 10 year old son with the man who was the mastermind behind the whole thing. She told this story about how he virtually hypnotised her into doing his bidding. Serious mind control. It was one of the weirdest things ever. They were no where near catching up to her and she turned herself in and with some kind of plea bargain is looking at 30 years in prison.

Here is the question....would you turn yourself in if you knew you would do prison time?

My answer is NO WAY. Not a chance. She had been gone 12 years! 12 YEARS and they were not close to finding where near. They had no idea where she was. It was apparently the perfect crime. They still don't know where the guy is and neither does she. WEIRD. What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

she did it for her son, who does not have a legitimate birthcertificate, who's future would have also been on the run (otherwise risking to 'betray' his mother), like his mum. she wants to give him his future, by giving up her own. that is love, isnt it. and very courageous. i guess one can never know what one will do in a specific situation, until you are in that situation yourself.