Sunday, March 19, 2006

Home From The Hospital

Dad came home from the hospital on Friday, St. Paddy's Day. By the time the doctor came and we were able to get dad squared away, it was 6:00. We got home by around 6:30. HM brought dinner from the Olive Garden for dad and CS stayed with him for a little while so that HM and I could grab a bite to eat at Shoney's. I just needed to get away from daddy for a few minutes. He was incredibly hateful to all the folks at the hospital today, he just wanted to come home. Thank goodness he isn't like that all the time! He was really short with me and a bit nasty. I know that if I were in his shoes I would undoubtedly be much worse!

I am glad he is home, but a bit overwhelmed by what it will be to care for him every day on my own. He is much weaker than he has been. He can't get in or out of bed by himself. He needs all of his meals fixed for him. He has trouble doing the simplest thing for himself. He is really struggling.

Friday night he went to bed before 11pm. HM and I helped him, thank goodness HM is a part of my life. He is an incredible man. Having helped take care of his mom, he gets what this is about. It takes a lot off my mind in a lot of ways. Dad slept until 11:15am Saturday morning. He wouldn't have gotten up then, but I went in and pretty much woke him up.

The day was pretty unremarkable as far as his status goes. In other news....HM and I found the rings that we like! :) WOO HOO! More details as news develops in this breaking story! ;>
Brought dad dinner from Fisherman's Quarter's in Summerville. They have good seafood at reasonable prices. Dad is having a lot of trouble eating. I am worried about this. Many years ago when he was very ill, he developed anorexia. I am hoping this is not the case now.

Dad went to sleep around 11pm again with my help. He woke up this morning around 10:20. He wanted toast and a little debbie for breakfast. Then he slept in his wheelchair for about an hour or so. He wanted the left overs from Olive Garden for lunch around 12:30. I fixed a tiny bowl of the pasta and 3 shrimp on top. He gagged the whole time he was trying to eat. It was hard to watch. He burped and gagged and finally got about 2 shrimp and a bite of pasta down.

He looked like he was about to cry. He then wheeled into the living room and has been asleep really hard since then(2 hours). He is dreaming and sort of growling in his sleep. He is pretty pitiful.

My CS and I are going to a hockey game at 3. I hate to leave him, and need to leave him all at the same time! More later...


Paul said...
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Paul said...

He's seriously ill so he will be cranky and even mean at times and you have to develope a thick skin to cope. Plus, when you have a chance to take a break take it and don't feel bad when you do. It's not easy but you can get through this stage in your life. And by the way prayer does help as much for you as for your dad. Hang in there !! :)

CharlestonGirl said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I understand it intellectually, but emotionally I handle it better sometimes than others. Prayers are surely helping every day, no doubt. Again, thanks for the comments from someone who has been there.