Friday, March 10, 2006

No One Gets Out Of Here Alive

Dad had an appointment with the hematologist this morning. Seems that they can and are going to start giving him a shot every 2 weeks to help increase his body's red blood cell count. They can't do anything about the white cell or platelet's count at this point.

He is driving me up the wall today. It is one thing for him to need help, it is another for him to not even do the things he can do for himself. It is very frustrating! I am trying to be patient, but I am running out. I feel very trapped and like I can't finish any of the work I need to do for my life, my schoolwork, etc.

I know I am probably just tired. I have had a bad menstrual enduced headache for 2 days now, so I am pretty sure that is where most of this is coming from. I am just feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

Looks like we are going to go to the hockey game with CS tonight. I could care less about going, I know it will probably be fun, but I am just really tired.

I pray for the strength to not bite my father's head off. I need take the time to be gentle with him, even when he is being infuriating. I also need to leave this house some, to get him to do some things for himself.

As usual, prayers and good vibes graciously accepted. Blessings!

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